Find out about one of the most sensational entertainers that Atlantic City, Las Vegas and New York has discovered.




Growing up in South Jersey near the New Jersey shore, the biggest cities near me were Philadelphia and Atlantic City. When I was a teenager and honing in on my celebrity impersonations, the only other people doing what I was doing were female impersonators. I used to sneak into gay bars of Atlantic City on New York Ave. and the Philadelphia clubs to watch The Amazing Cher impersonators, along with The Marilyn, Barbra Streisand, and Bette Midler impersonators. I was fascinated with the transformations. I befriended many of the artists and credit them with teaching me every thing I know about makeup and all the tricks of creating these famous faces. Besides the make-up, most female impersonators or "Drag Queens", if you will, lip-synched, so they depended on gestures and movement to bring forth the illusion. I still mimic them mimicking these spectacular divas.

Cher is the first star I was able to impersonate after learning from these masters. I always impersonated Cher's voice since I was a kid, watching The Sonny and Cher show on TV. I loved singing as her, because she had this deep voice, which was close to my vocal range (and probably the reason why the female impersonators who do sing live, do Cher).

My favorite thing about impersonating Cher is being able to recycle all my Joan Rivers plastic surgery jokes and incorporate them into song parodies ( “Do You Believe in Liposuction?") This makes the Cher look ever changing which was helped along by my friend Phyl Craig, an amazing Liza impersonator from New York. Oddly enough, I got my first jobs in gay bars, not unlike many of the greats I impersonate, Bette Midler and Joan Rivers. I booked myself as the Female female-impersonator and still refer to myself as a drag queen, trapped inside a straight woman's body!



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