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Pricing is based on a one-hour minimum fee. Pricing involves many variables such as distance traveled, amount of time of performance, day of week of event, and amount of look-a-likes hired. Also, particular artists may just be more or less expensive than others, based on demand and popularity. We suggest you e-mail or phone us for a more accurate price estimate after we've gone over some of the above info. Please remember, no hefty commissions are charged, so all in all, you'll be receiving the best bargain for your buck!

What does a look-a-like actually do at an event?

Usually, hiring a look-a-like for one hour involves a 15-20 minute performance, with the remainder of the hour used for mixing and mingling with guests, picture posing, etc. Often a client would like us to help with the festivities, for example aiding in a raffle or handing out trophies, which we would be happy to accommodate. Certain celebrity look-a-likes, such as Joan Rivers, may be hired to do a red carpet greeting, ala E! Network, at the door for a period of hours, or Marilyn may be asked to pop out of a cake and sing Happy Birthday to the company President. We even have a Martha Stewart and Emeril that will come to your party and cook for your guests! We would be happy to suggest which celebrities would fit your theme or function.

Do your look-a-likes actually sing?

With the exception of most of our female-impersonators, all of our celebrity look-a-likes sing live, and sound like the actual character they portray. Also, all of our comic look-a-likes such as Roseanne, Drew Carey, Seinfeld, etc. perform comedy, as well.

How far do performers travel?

Often, performers are hired anywhere within a 100 mile radius of our location. However, we do book all over the country and worldwide. When a performer is contracted to perform a distance where flight is required, airfare, hotel, transfers and often per diem are paid by the client.

If I do not see a character that I am looking for, can you find it for me?

Absolutely, our list of look-a-likes grows daily! We always try to find who you want directly. If that is not possible, we will suggest another similar look-a-like or go to our vast network of other agencies to help us find what you need. Visit our contact page to ask about any additional characters!


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