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Joan Rivers

Holly Faris is the premiere Joan Rivers impersonator in the country. Her rapid-fire non-stop jibes on the red carpet at Oscar-themed events leave guests in hysterics. She has been impersonating Joan since she was five years old. Holly remembers how excited she was being allowed to stay up and watch Joan when she appeared on the Ed Sullivan show as she and her mother watched on a little black and white portable from her New Jersey home in the suburbs near Philadelphia. Little did she know that almost 20 years later she'd appear in NY on Joan's television talk show dressed as Joan Rivers. Holly says Joan was so much fun, even asking her if she remembered any of the jokes from Ed Sullivan, which Holly provided to a laughing Joan Rivers. Since Holly often performs at corporate events as Joan, she is careful to not push the envelope, but is still amazed at what "Joan" can get away with.

Holly loves to perform as Joan Rivers because “it allows me to make people laugh and it always challenges my comic improvisation.” “I love to come up with new lines off the cuff.” People are always good natured and realize that it's all in good fun, especially when Holly as Joan, like the real Joan Rivers, turns most of the jokes on herself.



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