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Review by
: Ann
Organization: Private Party
Event Date: October 29th, 2010
Event: Halloween Party in Monroe Township, NJ
Services provided: Joan Rivers Impersonator

Review: We hired Holly aka.. JOAN RIVERS to entertain at our Halloween our home. We had 51 very pleased, guests that still can't stop talking about her performance. She did "red carpet" and some comedy... She was fantastic and would recomment her to all ! As a matter of fact, We live in an Adult Community and Holly is talking with the Lifestyle Director to possibly perform out our New Year's Eve Party...and that will consist of approx. 300 guests...that I am sure she will have in stitches. Great Job Holly....and We certainly would highly recommend her to all...she is a true professional.


Review by: Oleg S.
Event Date: October 9th, 2010
Event: Birthday Party in Philadelphia, PA
Services provided: Joan Rivers Impersonator

Review: Holly was very witty and on her toes, greeting and mingling with 200+ guests at our daughter's sweet 16 party. Really made event even better! Her impersonation was right on! Many guests were really convinced it was Joan! Holly is a must for anyone looking for top grade entertainment!


Review by: Sandra L. B.
Organization: Alliance for Living
Event Date: September 24th, 2010
Event: Concert Venue in Mystic, CT

Review: The SRO house rocked and roared to the impersonations of Holly Faris. From the moment she entered the auditorium with her abbreviated One-Woman-Show as the sharp tongued Joan Rivers, Holly captivated the crowd with the naughty antics of Rivers, Minnelli, Midler, Streisand and finally as herself. Alliance for Living is hoping Holly will come back soon to Mystic to delight the crowd with her full blown show. Sandy Brindamour, Executive Director, Alliance for Living


Review by: Pauline V.
Event Date: June 25th, 2010
Event: Private Party in Cherry Hill, NJ

Review: I must thank you for providing us with such a delightful and fun evening. Your performance was amazing. As soon as you put a wig on and then turned around you magically became the personality you were impersonating. That's incredible.
Please let us know where or when you will be doing another show. I can't promise I'll attend but I would like to.
Bob wasn't there because he was on a business trip. But he, too, wants to see one of your shows.
Good job and you looked fabulous darling!


Review by: Eric R.
Event Date: April 10th, 2010
Event: Trade Show in Lancaster, PA

Review: I can’t say enough great things about you and John! WOW! Joan was a huge success the night of the dinner! People were still talking about it at the Trade Show the next day! Marilyn and Lucy were just as fabulous and Rocky and Elvis were amazing! I think people were just as impressed that it was the same 2 people doing all those characters! I am so glad we had the opportunity to work together, and I would LOVE some information on the team building program that you have! Can I use enough exclamation points? Nope! I hope you guys had fun… I know it was a…mixed…crowd, but everyone loved you!


Review by: Ed M.
Event Date: November 12th, 2009
Event: Bar/Lounge in Atlantic City, NJ

Review: I have seen Holly Faris on numerous occasions from 1995 thru 2010 and if you are looking for the best entertainment someone can provide, you must go see Holly The Diva.
She is the best !!!
Outstanding ! Beautiful ! Excellent !
Ed Maloney #1 Fan


Review by: Stephen E. F.
Organization: Environmental Strategies & Applications, Inc.
Event Date: November 7th, 2009
Event: Cruise in Perth Amboy, NJ
Services provided: Joan Rivers Impersonator, Tina Turner Impersonator

Review: I serve on the board of a non-profit and I chaired their first gala last year. Holly was hired as Joan Rivers to great the guests while boarding the dinner cruise. Later in the evening Holly appeared as Tina Turner and sang three songs. She exceeded our expectations. Her performances were amazing. She is not only a dot-on visual impersonator, but she executes the voices and mannerisms perfectly. As Joan Rivers she engaged each guest with witty reparte upon boarding and took a photograph with each guest. She was warm and vivacious during that entire stint. After dinner, Tina Turner performed like a champ. After she sang her songs, she went from table to table where people could speak with Tina, get photograpsh, etc. Again Holly was engaging throughout that portion of the event. Holly did a fabulous job for a fair price. I will hire again when the next opportunity presents itself.


"Not only does Holly Faris sound like the singing Miss Streisand, but she is able to instantly switch to everyday conversation and carry off Barbra's real speaking voice, too."
-Charles Einstein
Star Ledger

"Holly Faris, who's become a local favorite, developing into one of the most versatile performers this city has working in it's showrooms…"
-Pinky Kravitz
Whoot Magazine

"Her comedic timing, singing voice and ability to mimic her character brings fascination to the audience."
-Don Kravitz
OC Sentinel

"There are several reasons to recommend the Frank Gorshin show, his talent, and an equally impressive opening act, impressionist Holly Faris."
-David Renzi
Las Vegas Sun

"This writer always enjoys good entertainment and the new show at the Claridge Casino Hotel, Viva La Diva, is just that, a really good show. Of course, one reason is that the show's emcee, Holly Faris, is a favorite. Not only does Holly Faris do Joan Rivers so well, she does the comedienne well for about fifteen minutes…a perfect Cher, singing "I Got You, Babe…it's good Holly fun…a terrific show. Viva La Diva!"
-Lou Perri
Whoot Magazine


"Your sensational impersonations of Cher and Tina Turner added to the evening's fun and excitement. You were those characters-their looks, their voice and their attitude! Our guests were simply dazzled by the authenticity of your spectacular show!"
-Carolyn Embry, Joyce Jennings
Derby Eve Gala

"Thank you for performing the Let's Talk Show event. We were very impressed with your professionalism and the way you pulled in the crowd. The shoppers really believed that you were Joan Rivers, which made them all very interested in the event!
You were organized and detail-oriented; a true pleasure to work with."
-Felicia Pollaro
Marketing Manager
Quaker Bridge Mall

"People are still raving about your impersonations of Joan Rivers, Cher and Tina Turner. Your comedy routines and singing brought the house down and made our show one that all in attendance will remember for a long time in the future. You might find it interesting that several guests remarked that they could not believe one woman could do such incredible impersonations of three very different celebrities."
-Donna Marie Gove
President, Charity League of Atlantic City

"Thank you for always being available to work with us, even on some of our last minute events. Your professionalism, promptness and eye for detail is unsurpassed and every job you do is always appreciated. My personal thanks to your staff for their wonderful support. We couldn't have done it without you!"
-Bill Baker
BBA Special Events


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